Handy Mailing Guide

Advertising Mail vs 
Business Mail

Advertising Mail
To qualify for Advertising Mail, your mailing should: 

  • Contain 100% advertising items

  • Must be letter, large letter or parcel format 

  • When sorted, be correctly presented as per the Low Sort or High Sort options 

  • Meet the requirements of the data specification and provision of samples below

As part of Johnston Mailings service we will review all items sent as advertising mail to ensure that they comply with admail requirements set by Royal Mail.

Business Mail
You can tailor Business Mail to meet your needs by choosing from the following options:

  • Letter or large letter format

  • 1st or 2nd class

  • Range of volumes for mailsort, large letter starting at 1,000 units, standard letter 4,000 units and above

  • Range of options to prepare and present your mail.

  • 1st Class is available via Royal Mail.

The benefits of Sustainable Mail?

By making your direct mail activity environmentally friendly, you will be reducing waste, increasing recycling rates and have high levels of targeting. In addition, being seen by your customers as acting in a way that reduces the environmental impact of your business’s advertising will have a positive impact on your brand.

Two levels
Everybody should be serious about making direct marketing activity more environmentally responsible, then there are two levels of sustainable advertising mail available.
We will guide you in the preparation of mail to have the least environmental impact.

At Entry Level, you need to apply data cleansing techniques to ensure a high level of targeting, using sustainable materials, processes and ensuring your direct mail pieces are suitable for collection by local authorities’ kerbside recycling.

At Intermediate Level, you’ll need to meet additional targeting, sustainability and recycling requirements.

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